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Vido Tutorial to Micro Mosai Kit:

I will be ordering the glass from Italy, and precutting it for you. In this kit you will receive the 90 degree tweezers to place the tiny glass mosaic Filati, as well as the two part epoxy paste to adhere it to the bottom of the bezel. This is pre-order and will not be shipped to you until the third or fourth week in November. This is if all shipping of the supplies coming to me arrive on time. There is a possibility that it could come later, but usually I am known for getting them out earlier than I state.


Please know that unless you have lapidary equiptment the surface of these pendants will remain uneven.


Then I will do a live and show you how to make this lovely kit live on FB and YouTube. the beginning of December.



1 Pair of 90 degree bent nosed tweezers for handling of tiny pieces of glass

1 - Order of Ave's two part epoxy putty 1 ounce size

Multiple sizes of tiny blue flowers (PRE-CUT by me)

Multiple sizes of red and yellow petals (PRE-CUT by me)

Multiple sizes of green, brown and white leaf (PRE-CUT by me)

1 Long narrow oval bezel with single loop, antique silver

1 wooden stir stick for epoxy paste mixing



Micro Mosaic Kit

SKU: Micro Mosaic Kit
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