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This is a pre-order listing for my TGBE Midwinter Market presentation kit. This must be ordered seperately. PLEASE DO NOT ADD OTHER ITEMS TO THIS ORDER. This kit will be presented live on January 13th at 12:30pm MT on the TGBE Page on FB. Orderr now and this Kit will ship early in January.


This piece is focused on Heart Wisdom. Heart wisdom is an invaluable facet of human experience, offering a unique and profound form of understanding and insight. Developing this form of wisdom is not just a spiritual pursuit but a practical one that enhances our everyday lives. By fostering a balance between heart and mind and integrating creative practices, we can stay connected to this inner wisdom, leading lives that are not only more meaningful but also more aligned with our authentic selves.

You will be guided through a series of questions in order to place your personal Heart Wisdom Touchstone inside the pendant behind the owl Insert. You will be guided through the small amount of bead embroidery and shown how to insert it into the hand carved walnut pendant that I ordered from a couple working here in the USA. They hand carved each pendant. They are rich, beautiful and give such a natural quality.



1 Hand carved and sanded walnut pendant with insert.

1 Heart Wisdom Owl symbol tha has been printed on canvas

1 - 16 Inch full strand of 6mm stabalized turquoise round beads (approximately 72 beads)

12 - 10mm American Walnut round beads

16 - 8mm American Walnut, round beads

24 Inches of 49 Strand beading wire

2 Crimp Tubes

2 - Sterling Bali Spacer beads

2 - 4mm Sterling 4mm daisy spacers

1 -8mm Stainless Steel Magnetic ball clasp

All the seed beads necessary to embroider the Heart Wisdom symbol.


Your favorite beading thread.

A 10 long needle


Water based white glue, I suggest Aleene's Tacky Glue

Small flat paintbrush

Heart Wisdom Necklace Kit

SKU: Heart Wisdom Necklace Kit
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