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This necklace is so chocked full Hill Tribe silver, and sterling silver beads that are combined with all the various shapes and sizes of Angelite beads that it is a very pricey kit. My most expensive ever!  But OH SO STUNNING! Fit for the queen that you are! There are no written instructions in this kit. I will be teaching how to make this necklace on Sunday May 5th at 1:00pm MT. on my FB page and my YT channel. After the fact I will add a link to the video tutorial, here in this description.



1 - Fold over magnetic Clasp.

86 Inches of 48 strand beading wire

10 - Crimp tubes

6 - 6x5mm Hill Tribe silver tube bead

6 - 14x6mm Czech glass 8 pointed star, round coin bead

14 - 3x5mm Facted Opalescent aqua with Picasso finish rondelle

18 - 6mm Round Angelite beads

24 - 8x6mm Angelite rondelle

16 - 10x6mm Angelite rondelle

4 - 12mm Round Angelite

5 - 5x7mm Angelite coin 

31 - 8x4mm Hill Tribe Silver 5 petal spacer beads

37 - 3x5mm Sterling silver Bali spacer beads

6 - 6x8 Hill Tribe silver flower top dot beads

10 - 10x7mm Hill Tribe Silver crimp end beads

14 - 6x6mm Hill Tribe silver Angular drop dot beads

70 - Sterling silver 4mm Daisy spacers

2 - 1 to 3 Bali Jump Connectors

64 - 15/0 Galvanized green Delicas

66 -8/0 Seafoam Matte Metallic seed beads

18 - 8/0 Steelblue Duracoat seed beads

72 - 11/0 Galvinzed silver seed beads

14 - 6/0 Green Turquoise Matubo Tri-cut seed beads





A Gift 4 Myself Necklace Kit

SKU: A Gift 4 Myself Necklace Kit
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